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About Anne Katrine Senstad

Senstad works in the multi-disciplinary intersections of installation art, photography, video, neon sculpture, light environments, and land art with a focus on the phenomena of perception, space and the sensorial realms of light, color and sound. She often creates works that are socially engaged as well as philosophical and poetic text based works in the public realm.

Senstad has exhibited internationally at galleries, museums and institutions including the 55th and 56th Venice Biennale (IT), Bruges Art and Architecture Triennale (BE), Kunsthall 3,14 (NO), Trafo Kunsthall (NO), Octavia Art Gallery (USA), Zendai Moma (CN), He Xiangning Art Museum (CN). She has participated in numerous video and light art festivals including Rencontres Internationales (FR), ISEA Dubai (UAE), Dallas Aurora (USA).

She is the recipient of artist residencies at Marble House, Vermont(USA) and Abu Dhabi Arthub (UAE), and numerous artist grants from Arts Council Norway, OCA (NO), FFF (NO), NBK (NO),FCA (USA). Public Art Commissions include Snøhetta Architects; Wolfe Center for the Arts and Penn University Engineering Building with TWBT Architects (USA).

Anne Katrine Senstad was raised in Singapore and Norway, today she lives and works between New York and Oslo, Norway. She received her art education at Parsons School of Design and The New School for Social Research in New York 1994 and 1999, and Berkeley University, CA in 1989.

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Anne Katrine Senstad

Born: Oslo, Norway. Lives and works in Oslo and New York


Selected Solo Exhibition


SL Gallery, New York ,USA. Beckoned to Blue, curated by Tony Long and William Schwinghammer


The Yard, New York, USA. From Other Worlds, curated by Sarah Crown

Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, Norway. Soft Geometry, organized by Knut Blomstrøm


K4 Galleri, Oslo, Norway. TIME BEYOND PLACE, curated by Bjørn Hatterud

On the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale Topologies for a Vertical Sound – Anne Senstad, a midcareer

survey, Venice, Italy. Sound, poems and calligraphy by Catherine C. Hennix; Exhibitions in absentia

from the void rooms of Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli, Dursoduro

TIME BEYOND PLACE, on site in Abha, Asir, Saudi Arabia. a site specific and performative

cross-cultural all-women collaborative platform created by Anne Senstad with invited Saudi women


Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, USA. . UltraModerne. Curated by Generic Art Solutions


Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  The Infinitesimal, curated by Jumana Gouth. Sound

composed by Catherine.C. Hennix


El Magazen Dell’Arte, 56th Venice Biennale. The Vanity of Vanities, curated by Dr Roberta Semeraro,

organized by RO.SA.M.

Zhulong Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA. Color Gamut, curated by Aja Martin


SALT (Saltarelli Salong), Oslo, Norway. State of Space, curated by Bjørn Hatterud


St Brigid's Centre for the Arts, Ottawa, Canada. Site Specific installation  Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid, curated by Celina Jeffery Ph.D.


Utsikten Kunstsenter, Norway. Kinesthesia in Kvinesdal, Curated by Torill Haugen

ThisIsNotAgallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Infinity of Colour, Curated by Carlos Baragali

Stiftelsen 3,14 Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway. Is Her Name Red?, curated by Malin Barth.


Eva Peron Museum, The Reason for my Life, in conjunction w VIBA Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by

Carlos Baragali and Andrew Utt

KK Projects, New Orleans, USA. The Sugarcane Labyrinth, Site Specific, 1,4 Acre Agricultural Landart,

Theriot, Louisiana

KK Projects, New Orleans,USA. Real Estate Representation, Site Specific installation

The Lab for Performance and installation Art, Diaspora USA Chapter, curated by KJ Bajsa


Gallery Nine5, New York, USA. Translating Raw, Curated by Sebastien LePelletier

Zendai MOMA, Shanghai,China. Light Words, White Neon, curated by Lies Coppens


Houston Center for Photography, TX, USA. Light Writes Always in Plural, curated by Madeline Yale,


Björn Ressle Gallery, New York,USA.  Light Writes Always in Plural,curated by Björn Ressle


Trygve Lie Gallery, New York, USA. The Norwegians, w/ artist book release

2002 - 2003

Galleri JMS, Oslo, Norway, ONE, Curated by Birgitte Schiøth

Selected Group Exhibition


Yi Gallery, Kind of Green, New York, USA.


He XiangNing Museum, Shenzhen, China. Scene/Unseen, curated by Bjørn Follevåg, Erlend Høyeresten, Juha Huskonen, Chen Shuyu. Organized by chief curator Feng Boyi and Museum Director Yu Ziangzhi

Octavia Art Gallery Houston, USA. 10 Years 10 Artists, curated by Georgia Fox and Kasey Short

Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans, USA. 10 Years 10 Artists

Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Through The Spectrum-Anne Senstad, James Turrell, Robert Irwin,

Leo Villareal, Timo Nasseri, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Nasser Al-Salem. Curated by Afia Bin-Taleb and Mohammed Hafiz.

Air mattress Gallery, New York, USA. Summer Lovin, curated by Mark DeMuro and Ben Peterson. Incl Anne Senstad, Andy Warhol, Roe Ethridge

Galleri FineArt, Oslo, Norway. Syndere I Sommersol.

Air mattress Gallery, New York, USA. 2D or Not 2D, curated by Mark DeMuro and Ben Peterson Nordic DeLight, Light Art festival, London, UK. Curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou. Showing Color Synesthesia VI, 2015. Sound by Catherine Christer Hennix.

Sideshow Gallery, New York,USA. The Greatest Show on Earth, organized by Richard Timperio, founder/director Sideshow Gallery.


Øya Festivalen – Kunst på Øya, Aug 8-12, Oslo, Norway. GOLD GUIDES ME – Capitalism in the Public Realm, curated by Alexander Rishaug and Kyrre Karlsen.

Knockdown Center, New York, USA. Nasty Women, exhibition and fundraising for Planned Parenthood, curated by Jessamyn Fiore and Roxanne Jackson.

Carriage Trade, New York, USA. Socal Photography IV, organized by Peter Scott.


Shoot Gallery, Oslo, Norway. OSLO+PARIS, Anne Senstad, Per Maning, Tom Sandberg, Eric Antoine. Curated by Helene Gulaker-Hansen.

Bærum Kunsthall, Norway, Everything Else is Too Narrow. Anne Senstad, Christine Istad, Anna-Marit Staurseth, curated by Sarah Walko.

Sonic Architecture/Sonica Festival, Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

curated by Martin Bricelj Baraga/MoTa

One Art Space, New York, USA.The Best Thought I Had, curated by Georgia Harrell and Suzanne Levesque.

Views, Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain, Organized by Sharabi & Stafford. Video installation. Under the patronage of Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa al Khalifa.

CULTURUNNERS – project/residency, Textile Topography, a site specific textile intervention and cross cultural women artist collaboration by Anne Senstad taking place in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel Foundation.


Dallas Aurora Festival – The Synesthesia Edition. Immersive site-specific projection installation at St Paul's Methodist Church, Dallas. Sonoptic Parallels – The Infinitesimal, 2014. Curated by Julia Kaganskiy, New Museum, NY.

CULTURUNNERS, New York & Detroit, MI, USA. The Calligraphy Challenge. A performative project. Supported by OCA and Art Jameel Foundation.

Joshua Treenial, California, USA. Site Responsive installation and performance Laboratory in the High Desert, curated by Dr KJ Baysa and Bernard Leibov. Organized by Honolulu Biennial and Boxoprojects.

Bruges Art and Architecture Triennial, Belgium, GOLD GUIDES ME - Capitalism and the Public Realm, site specific LED text based installation, curated by Michel Dewilde, Dr Manfred Sellnik, Till Holger Borchert and Lies Coppens.

Safina Radio Project, 56th Venice Biennale, Collateral Event. Curated by Anabelle de Gersigny, organized by Al Serkal Avenue Dubai, UAE. The Swamp, by Anne Senstad


Prospect 3 Satellite, The New Orleans Biennale, The Nature of Now, curated by Pamala Bishop

LIwa Art Hub – The Age of Transformation, Oct 30th, UAE, curated by Nasser Palangi

Abu Dhabi Art Hub, Artist residency and exhibition, Sonpotic Parallels – The Infinitesimal, in conjunction with ISEA Dubai

SEA,Dubai Interlacing Worlds, curated by Janet Bellotto

BMCC Shirley Flterman Art Center, New York, USA. Material Way, curated by Kathleen Kucka,.

Gallery Nine5, New York – Graphic, Sept 20 – Oct 30.

AIVA video art festival, Sweden. The Coop

Oslo Screen Festival, Norway. The Coop


Moving Image, Gaîté lyrique, Paris, France. Screening of The Locker Plant Projections.

No Longer Empty, NY, USA. Tears on a Coffin, Site specific performative installation, curated by Sarah Crown.

Light of Convergence, Aurora, Dallas, TX, USA. Colour Synesthesia IV – projection installation at The Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadeloupe.

The Metamorphoses of the Virtual - One Hundred Years of Art and Freedom, 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2013 - Arte Eventi, Officina delle Zattere, exhibiting:UNIVERSALS, curated by Roberta Semeraro


Whitebox, NY–Art On The Beach, curated by Jee Won Kim

Haus der Kunst der Welt, Berlin, Germany– Rencontres Internationales

MuseCPMI, NY – Seeing Ourselves, curated by KJ Baysa,

Beirut Art Center, Lebanon – Rencontres Internationales


Centre Pompidou, Paris – Rencontres Internationales

Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine. Neurodiversity, curated by dr. KJ Baysa

Canadian Museum of Nature , Ottawa, Canada – PRETERNATURAL. Curated by Celina Jeffery. Nov

2011 – Feb 2012

Pink Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Past and Present, curated by Grace Rim    


Björn Ressle Art Projects, New York, USA. Winter Salon, curated by Björn Ressle 

Life is Art Foundation West, Sonoma, California, USA. The River of Migration, permanent light installation, curated by KK Projects

Salon Bruit, Verwektung, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, Germany.


VIBA, Video Arte Internacional Buenos Aires, ThisIsNotAGallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Andrew Utt and Carlos Baragali

Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, USA. A Matter of Light, curated by Elga Wimmer

Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, China.Museum collection exhibition, curated by Lies Coppens

Gallery Nine5, New York, USA. Gallery Artists.


Perpetual Aart Machine, Utsikten Kunstsenter, Norway, curated by Iris Piers

Björn Ressle Gallery, New York, USA. Works on Paper

KK Projects, New Orleans Biennial – Prospect 1

Gallery Nine5, New York, USA. Convergence, curated by Sebastien LePellerier

Ministry of Culture, Monaco.  Envisioning change

Amos Andersons Konstmuseum, Helsingfors, Finland.Scandinavian Portraiture


KK Projects, New Orleans, USA. The Light House, curated by KK Projects

Bjorn Ressle Gallery, New York, USA.  Anne Senstad/Dan Flavin

Houston Center for Photography, TX, USA. Antennae, curated by Madeline Yale

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo , Norway. Envisioning change
National Museum, Fredriksborg, Denmark. Scandinavian Portraiture
Bjorn Ressle Gallery, New York, USA. Group exhibition


Art Mine. Port Hadlock , WA, USA. Square One, curated by Eric Swangstu


Paradigm Art, NY, USA.  4 Artists, curated by Christina Kang

Trygve Lie Gallery, NY, USA. Sheer Veil – Three points of view, curated by Turid Meeker


HVVCA, Peekskill, NY, USA. The Peekskill Project, curated by KJ Baysa

Galleri JMS, Oslo, Norway.  Galleriets Kunstnere, curated by Birgitte Schiøth


Galleri JMS, Oslo, Norway. Plexi, curated by Birgitte Schiøth

Vestfossen Kunstlabratorium, Norway.  School of 2003. Curated by Birgitte Schiøth

Transientnyc, New York, USA. Anne Senstad and Matthew Abbott, curated by Laura Raisanen

Heiberg Cummings, New York, USA.  Red, curated by Turid Meeker


Noorderlicht, The Netherlands.  Mundos Creados, curated by Wim Melis

Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York, USA.  Works on Paper, curated by Gary Snyder

Rule Gallery, Denver, CO, USA. Semblance, curated by Robin Rule


Gale Gates Gallery, New York, USA. Serial number, curated by Lauren Ross

Museum da Casa Brasileira, SaoPaulo, Brazil.  Fazena Pinhal , cem anos de Fotografia

Galleri JMS, Oslo, Norway. Tendens, curated by Birgitte Schiøth


Sandefjord Kunstforening, Sandefjord, Norway. Høstutstillingens utvalgte 1998

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway. Høstutstillingen 1997

Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York, USA. A new Naturalism, curated by Gary Snyder


Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York, USA. Affinities, curated by Gary Snyder1995                  

Pomegranate Gallery, New York, USA.  Body language


The Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. Annual National Photography Exhibition

Fundraising Edition

Anne Katrine Senstad Yi Gallery International Rescue Committee 2019 Benefit Print

The River of Migration (Benefit Edition), 2019

Photographic Print / Open Edition


11 x 17 IN. (27.9 × 43.2 CM) $75

11 x 14IN. (27.9 x 35.5 CM) $50

SKU: AKS0048-1; AKS0048-2


80% of proceeds will be donated to the International Rescue Committee

June 1 - 11, 2019

Kind Of Green

191 Henry Street, New York, NY 10002

Anne Senstad : A Postmodern Folklore



Forestiller oss alt øyet ikke kan se

kunst, March 2018


Light Writes Always in Plural

Berlin ART LINK, APRIL 2014


Anne Senstad : A Postmodern Folklore