In Kyoung Chun


Atlanta-based In Kyoung Chun makes art in hopes of inspiring people to take action in this troubling sociopolitical climate. Her current work depicts intimate, personal spaces in daily life. While juxtaposing simple forms and familiar objects through painting and sculpture, Chun discovers life's optimism and peace - even in its most chaotic and complex settings. Chun believes that discovering and recognizing the sweetness in our everyday lives is essential, and channels this fundamental human quality through art. Domestic scenes and memory-building moments, such as family celebrations, birthday cakes and deeply personal details, are vivid images in her work. 


Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Chun studied psychology in college. When she first moved to the US, she took up painting and became an artist. Constantly looking for warmth and belonging in a foreign land, she uses painting and sculpture to build safe, quiet spaces that we all crave.