• Lionel Cruet: Layers of Place

    Artist Lionel Cruet creates unique artworks which inhabit that divide, using digital tools to reference “places” which can exist in multiple “spaces” at once. Splitting his time between San Juan, PR and New York City, Cruet possesses a sophisticated relationship to these terms. Audio and visual installation, digital printing, found objects, and complex sound arrangements are combined in his practice to reference the layered postcolonial identities and geopolitics of the Caribbean, and to imply connections between that region and other parts of the world.

  • Inner Space: Recent Works by Annesta Le

    An Essay by David Ebony
    Caress, Glass, Krypton, Wire, 2019. © Annesta Le Studio
    Caress, Glass, Krypton, Wire, 2019. © Annesta Le Studio

    This essay appears in “Annesta Le - Inner Space” exhibition catalog, a limited edition publication by Yi Gallery. A signing event will be held at the gallery project room at 56 Bogart Street.