Kate Casanova - Gut Feeling

Exhibition Catalog
Pamela Meadows, 2022
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Kate Casanova - Gut Feeling: Exhibition Catalog
Publisher: YI GALLERY
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 in
Pages: 36
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Excerpt from the essay by Pamela Meadows:


"Kate Casanova’s latest collection of hyper-tactile sculptures seep and ooze a foreign, yet strangely familiar, sensibility at every crevice, coil and pore. The artist’s practice is entrenched in exploring the depths of what a human and non-human body can be. Her works are pluralistic and in process, shapeshifting into new forms that defy categorization and refuse to be fixed or defined. Gut Feeling continues Casanova’s exploration of abstract, biomorphic forms that challenge binaries and notions of hybridity. Her large and small-scale sculptures embrace the boundlessness of being just one thing, toeing the line between human/non-human, hard/soft and organic/synthetic. 


Growing up in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border, Casanova developed a deep connection to nature and the natural world. Time outside was a precious opportunity to observe her non-human neighbors or “companion species” as the artist fondly refers to them. Her experiences engaging with the complexities of the natural world began to inform her visual language and shape questions about form and the in-betweenness of bodily knowledge. Casanova applied this pursuit of feeding curiosity and discovery in her approach to exploring materiality of the post-human. This term is used across multiple fields of study and is of particular interest to Casanova, as it relates to the non-hierarchical ordering of species."


Generous support for the catalog is provided by the University of Denver's Rosenberry Fund.

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