Every place is also another

A poem by Laura Camino
July 21, 2023
Every place is also another

Every place is also another

Laura Camino

Todos os lugares son tamén outro

por iso sostés a miña man de arxila limpa neste soto


e os nosos corpos espidos de fronteiras inabarcables


cinguen xuntos un desexo de fuxida cara adiante 


como unha flor de liño branco que medra vizosa en territorio ignoto


porque detrás de nós…que é o que queda?


unha esperanza. 


Every place is also another 

that's why you hold my clean clay hand in this basement


and our naked bodies of unfathomable borders


embrace together a desire to flee onwards


like a white linen flower growing vigorous in unknown territory


because behind us...what's left?


a hope.

Written on the occasion of Every place is also another, a two-person exhibition by Mar Ramón Soriano and Paul Mok at Yi Gallery in July, 2023. The title of the exhibition is inspired by Every Place Is Also Another,  a poem by Maureen N. McLane, From What You Want.


Laura Camino (b. Spain, 1989) is a classical philologist and literary scholar, specialized in gender studies. She is fortunate to have been born among the rice fields of the Valencian Albufera and to have been raised by the Atlantic Ocean, in Galicia, and thus to be able to communicate in two languages. Her poems in Galician can be read in the collective book De pedra a azulexo and in the magazine Dorna. In Spanish, she has published in the Uruguayan magazine Casapaís.



Installation view: Every place is also another, Yi Gallery, 2023

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