Jenny Rafalson

Jenny Rafalson (b. 1986, former USSR) lives and works between Brooklyn, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel. A trained photographer, Rafalson’s artistic practice has evolved to incorporate time-based media including video and installation. Her detachment and yearning for home as an immigrant and alien led her to question and explore the narrative and memory of belonging in contemporary society, often through the use of plants. Rafalson photographs subjects that are a part of her life and have strong ties to her existence as an immigrant woman, both in Israel and the US, such as daily moments, memories and life events, which she appropriates into a yearning of belonging and home. She works on the border between directed studio work and documentary photography that aims to perpetuate a memory that may have not existed ever before. 
Rafalson graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in (MFA, 2020) and Hadassah College in (BFA, 2013). Rafalson is the recipient of the James Weinstein Memorial Fellowship (2019-2020), and NARS residency (2022) and Open Portfolio Review : Outstanding project award at Israel Photography Festival (2017). Rafalson’s work has been exhibited at international venues and festivals including Expo Chicago (2022), Filter photo Chicago (2021), Mana contemporary Chicago (2021), 062 gallery in Chicago (2020) and The sixth Israel Photography Festival in Tel- Aviv (2018).