Carolyn Oberst


Originally from Philadelphia, Carolyn Oberst settled in NYC after living in London, Southern Spain and Morocco, drawing and gathering influences along the way. After studying at the NY Studio School and the Art Students League in NYC, she started exhibiting her artwork in1980.


Over the years, she has been an interdisciplinary artist, working across painting, drawing, mixed media, and wood relief. Currently, she has returned to the directness of oil paint on canvas or paper. Drawing has always played an important part in her process, no matter what the medium, her image making begins with a drawing that gets modified and changed, sometimes dramatically, as the work evolves. The overall interpretation of her images is left for the viewer, encouraging continued looking and visual interaction with the work.


Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in NYC, other US cities, and, internationally, in Seoul, S. Korea, and it is also held in private collections.