Huansheng Liao

Huansheng Liao (b. 1969, Hubei, China) is a contemporary Chinese painter living and working in Hubei. Liao’s process manifests a lifetime devotion to the light of reason, in pursuit of simplicity and a state of “anatta”, or non-self. Liao’s paintings embody lyrical abstraction, making the spiritual visually apparent. Through his mindful painting practice, Liao connects a dedication to harmony found in inner spirit and his passion for line and color. His abstract artworks articulate a personal vocabulary which becomes a space of experience for the viewer to connect to their own spiritual nature. Recent works by Liao bring the spiritual aspect of his practice to the forefront, re-imagining both representational and abstract scenes with a painterly approach utilizing an expressive sense of line in his compositions. Liao’s artwork espouses his belief that artworks lie on the fault lines of the personal and the public, reflecting the artist’s unique private viewpoint while speaking to a wider audience in a unique and meaningful manner.