Botond Részegh - Weekday Angel

Exhibition Catalog
Robert C. Morgan, 2023
A book made on the occasion of Botond Részegh's 2023 exhibition at Yi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Essay by Robert C. Morgan.
"The outstanding focus in Részegh’s career is his ongoing evolution of hyper-intensive drawings and paintings. For the majority of his followers, these are the works that continue to provoke a feeling of existentialist reality. Recalling a statement from Søren Kierkegaard, the first nineteenth century existentialist, that 'dread is the qualification of the dreaming spirit,' Petranyi’s analysis of Részegh linked dread to a form of innocence. Here, he introduces the following question: '… what can be the reason why Részegh keeps forming a faceless humanoid shape, a lonely figure, who seems to inwardly revolve and float in a space from where there is, evidently, no escape?' Going one step further:  Is it possible the artist’s reason may not exist in concrete terms? Perhaps, the 'faceless humanoid' is removed from the human condition as we know it today or comes from another planet, thus far unknown to us.
Born in Romania (1977) of Hungarian descent, Botond Részegh was raised in a society clearly aware of the pressures of everyday life; specifically, in Middle and Eastern Europe. As a young adult, Részegh tried to maintain his education and training through working in a post-Communist atmosphere; in his case, from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Often, citizens from these countries remained in a psycho-sociological trauma for several years, living through the residue of the so-called Eastern Bloch. For Botond Részegh, this was an intense period of development in the midst of his adolescent and young adult years, a development that would shortly come to the surface of a reality he soon hoped to achieve."
6.5 x 9.25 in
16.5 x 23.5 cm
86 pages
Edition of 250
ISBN: 978-606-8994-61-1

Full-color offset, screen printed cover
Paper: Claro Bulk, 130g

Published by Bookart Publishing House, Romania and Áron Hajdú
Designed by Sami Cronk 
Catalog essay commissioned by Yi Gallery © Robert C. Morgan 2022
Generous support for catalog is provided by Primăria Municipiului Miercurea Ciuc
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