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About Reszegh Botond

Botond Reszegh is a Hungarian artist who lives and works in Miercurea Ciuc, a small, quiet, mountain rimmed town in Eastern Transylvania, Romania. He is a graphic artist, painter, illustrator and philosopher, and works as the art director of Új Kriterion/New Criterion – the leading contemporary art gallery in his hometown. He is a respected member, and key influential figure, in both Romanian and Hungarian intellectual art circles. The work that Reszegh’s creates is highly influenced by contemporary literature. Many of his published works are often accompanied by writings from acclaimed poets and novelists from Romania and Hungary. While he is deeply attached to his community in Miercurea Ciuc, he also wants to better understand the world beyond his home. He is constantly moving between countries and continents and immerses himself in different cultures throughout the world. He has an arcane attraction to New York City, which leads him to visit the iconic metropolis frequently.

Reszegh graduated from the National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest where he specialized in graphic arts. He also attended a Doctoral Program at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Since childhood, Reszegh has had a great interest in human rights and social issues. Reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot was a defining moment for him that awakened his desire to be an artist and gave him the strength to pursue his passions. After reading the book, he made it his goal to dedicate his life to art and express himself through painting and other graphic work. When creating, Reszegh pictures a man, a fallible human being who experiences suffering, agony, and fear but can also be portrayed as unique and magnificent.

While studying graphic arts, Reszegh was fascinated by the modest simplicity that was used when painting Christian Orthodox Icons as well as the meticulousness that was used to create ancient Greek vases. These historical techniques influenced him to make his first series of erotic drawings. As Reszegh’s career progressed, he would consistently return to the themes of love, lust, and sexuality that he discovered while making his early works. He views his erotic drawings as abstract visual expressions of raw human desires that are typically suppressed. In addition to the erotic drawings, Reszegh uses painting to better emphasize the strong dramatic content he wishes to express. At the center of his works is an isolated human being. A marooned soul helplessly wandering through a disintegrated landscape that desperately seeks the basic necessities for human survival. The repetitive forms and puritan motives that Reszegh creates on canvas are characterized by gestural compositions and austere reductionism.




Selected Exhibitions


ANATOMY OF WAR, Mogosoaia Castle, curated by Ana Negoita (Romania)


ANATOMY OF WAR, Tranzit House, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

, Museum of Art Timisoara, curated by Dan Lazea (Romania)


VÁRFOK PROJECT ROOM, Budapest (Hungary)

LOSS OF SOUL, Atelier 030202, Bucharest (Romania)


DELUSION AND DAMNATION, Interferences Festival, Hungarian Theater of Cluj, curated by Tompa Gábor (Romania)

LOSS OF SOUL, Museum of Art Arad,
curated by Adriana Oprea & Adrian Sandu (Romania)


NIGHTFALL, Gallery MC, New York, curated by Debra Vanderburg Spencer (U.S.A.)

NIGHTFALL, Romanian Culture Institute, Vienna, curated by Anamaria Altmann (Austria)

“PASSIÓJÁTÉK”, With Markó Béla (poet), Új Kriterion Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)


Tranzit House, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

NIGHTFALL, Tipografia Gallery – Bucharest (Romania)  

VOLTANY, Volta Show- New York (U.S.A.) with Léna & Roselli Gallery

360 GALLERY, Boston, curated by Isabel Meirelles (U.S.A.)


JOELLA GALLERY,Turku (Finland)

GALLERY 26, Bucharest, curated by Simona Vilău (Romania)

GALLERY IX, Budapest (Hungary)

AD HOC, Új Kriterion Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)


, Budapest (Hungary)

LÉNA&ROSELLI GALLERY, Budapest (Hungary)


Boston, curated by Isabel Meirelles (U.S.A.)

2009, 2005, 2003



Since 2011
 artistic director at Új Kriterion Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)

Exhibition: ANATOMY OF WAR
Curator: Ana Negoiță

Mogoșoaia | February 2 - 27
OPENING | 2 nd of February | 5 PM
ARTIST TALK | 23 rd of February | 4 PM

"I have long been preoccupied by the idea or war and its mechanisms. Understanding how people function, how they lead us into situations. To reevaluate the war. Though World War II happened in relatively recent history, my idea of it came mostly from my readings and from my grandfather’s stories of the time. I am familiar with the wartime images made by German artists (Arnold Gros, Kate Kollwitz, Otto Dix, etc.); they had a huge impact on me, but somehow they always seemed to be too illustrative, which is somewhat natural, as they lived during and survived the war. "

- Részegh Botond


Anatomy of War
At Interferences International Theatre Festival, Cluj 2018
Tanzit House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The theme of 2018 Interferences International Theater was war and remeberance, Botond was asked to address the topic of war. As a mostly figurative artist, he has long been preoccupied by war and how to depict this subject in a non-figurative way.

"The work focuses on the masses and the individual. Both of these interest me. The first: how the masses that are sent in battle to kill – perhaps even to die - move and think; how the more powerful forces than them think for them. Somehow I always imagined the massive crowd going out to fight as a coherent mass. A disciplined and enormous thing, moving like an amoeba, which has separate legs, but moves in concert, has a head, but others think and decide for it. This is the phenomenon that I wanted to draw and paint."
- Részegh Botond
Reszegh Botond 2019 Anatomy of War
Anatomy of War
Hassium, February 2019
Stil si Elan, February 2019
Stílus&Lendület, February 2019
Loss of Soul
Modernism, September 2016
VOLTA NY, 2014
Northeastern University, February 2014

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


401 Broadway, Suite 1106, New York, NY 10013

Please join us for a special reception with artist Reszegh Botond, to celebrate his recent museum exhibitions in Europe.

We will present a video and slides from Botond's recent solo exhibitions, followed by a special tasting of Hungarian and New York wines.

A selection of the artist's 2018 small canvas paintings will be displayed at the event.

*Seating is limited. Please RSVP by April 5th, 2019.