Touch: Mother's Day 2020 - Online Group Exhibition

10 May - 28 June 2020

Yi Gallery is pleased to present Touch, an online exhibition coinciding with Mother’s Day. The show features works by Carolyn Oberst, Madeline Donahue, Kati Verebics, Dhanashree Gadiyar and Etty Yaniv. While different in their choices of medium and subject, the five artist moms offer a sense of mutual joy and an openness to experiment by using colors, lines, shapes and a touch of humor. Some paint about the many aspects of the rich, messy and overwhelming experience of motherhood, while others tackle difficult subjects and emotions, such as climate change and pain through metaphorical abstraction. Challenging limitations on the depiction of artist-mothers, we present this wide-ranging selection to illustrate the diversity of art emerging from moms’ studios today. 


Carolyn Oberst explores the construction of memory, nostalgia, themes of self-fashioning and how codes of behavior are embedded in all forms of visual media. In the current “Back Story” series, the strategic juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms is a way to visualize the internal impulses of the mind.  In the “Ducks in Flux” series, a childhood object is abstracted, replacing the literal object with suggestions of our own unique experiences.


At once playful, vulnerable and surreal, Madeline Donahue’s work celebrates the postpartum body and depicts not only the joys of motherhood, but also confronting the taboos associated with painting one’s life as a mother. By juxtaposing a flattened and abstracted body with visceral feelings of immediacy and tenderness, she creates tensions among closeness and separation, familiarity and estrangement, and calm and chaos.


In her figurative works, Kati Verebics engages with the spiritual dimensions of the body, realistically depicting the human form while incorporating surreal elements, such as vegetation, into her paintings. She also challenges viewers by using shaped canvases to convey a sense of playfulness and absurdity. Through her nuanced grasp of anatomy - depicting faces, hands, and intimate body parts - she engages with perpetual experimentation and observation of human nature. 


Artist, writer and curator Etty Yaniv presents two new paintings from an ongoing series she started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each represents a different state of mind and a relationship between the inside and outside.


Dhanashree Gadiyar works with drawing, embroidery, hand cut paper and screenprinting to form her large scale installations or individual portraits. She considers the stories of working class immigrants sacred and uses her work as an attempt to touch the issues that affect the immigrant community - insecurity, dislocation, culture disconnectedness, language barriers, isolation and politics. In this exhibition, she presents three new works on paper on which she collaborated with her daughter.